Set paywall with Stripe


In this lesson,

You can learn how to integrate with Stripe so that you can get paid. Although Stripe is one of the greatest payment solution ever, one needs to write some codes and maintain server-side infrastructure to handle transactions properly. But, you don't write single line of code with Oopy membership.

Setting up paywall

Price your course

You can set the price of your course as you wish in Oopy admin.

Payment type

You can set the payment type as one of two,
Subscription: customers make recurring payments for access to a product.
Onetime: customers make one-time payment for access to a product.

Set permission to subscriber

Once you've done setting up the paywall, you can set permission of your content to subscriber as you did in Set permission of your course.


So this is it. We've built an online course with Notion and set a paywall with Stripe and Oopy membership. And we're ready to get paid with our content.
As an enthusiastic Notion lover, I've always thought that there should be an easy & nice way for creators to get paid with their content in Notion. That's why I built Oopy membership, and this course.
I'm so thrilled to make such a product with creators. If you want to get involved early community, please go to next.