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In this lesson,

You can learn how to publish your course in Notion to online so that people can get to your course. Of course, it's not mandatory for you to publish your course to web. But I just want to mention that without publishing, you might lose the chance of huge traffic, in other words potential customer, of the world-wide-web.


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Several options to publish your course

There are several ways to publish your course to web. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let me compare some of those options w.r.t 3 major points, Price, Integration with payment service, and Security.


Price is one of the most important concern when you compare publishing services. Obviously, we have free options and paid options. But as you might already know, nothing comes for free . Paid options have a way better features.

Free options


Paid options

Potion($8/month), Super($12/month) and Oopy publishing($6/month)


Free options have few(or no) way to customization which matters when you want to get paid.
If you don't have a plan to get paid with your course, you may go with free option.
Paid options have their own strengths and weaknesses, but there are no big differences. Go with your favorite.
If you want to get paid with your course, please check the following.

Integrations with payment

If you want to get paid with your course, you should set a paywall to your course so that only paid customers can get access to your course. There are services for that, which make it possible.
From 'customer' to your course in 'Notion'
You can set a paywall in front of your course with Gumroad, like many people do when they sell their templates. This kind of paywall also works well with Free options above. Downside of this option is, it works as all or nothing option. Once people get access to your course, they are free to share the link to your published website, which means you lose your profit.
Or you can build a membership based paywall with services like Memberstack or Outseta. Although they are built for creators(that's what they say), it was not easy for me to understand how they work and what should I do. This kind of paywall requires you to add some javascript to your website, which means you have to use one of the Paid options above.




Gumroad is simple and it just works with potential loses of your profit.
Memberstack or Outseta has so many features for you so that you may get what you want. But it's hard to understand how they work or what options should I set. And they are a little bit more secure than Gumroad because they add a thin layer to your website.


As a creator, also as an engineer, I always concern security. Because if my content can be accessed without authorization, that means I am losing my . Unfortunately, there is a security concern with all options we have.
There is a security concern of unauthorized access to your content. It's secure Inside dotted line, but not outside.
It's not because they are not secure enough, it's because your course in Notion is open to public, and the content gating is built on top of that public content.


If getting paid with your course is not a plan, free options are good for you. If you want to make money from your course, you have these options.
Gumroad + Notion sharing option looks great if you don't care about the security and don't need to do fine control over page permissions or manage memberships, or customize things(custom domain, SEO, and analytics, etc).
Memberstack + Super(or Potion, Oopy publishing, or whatever) doesn't look like an option. Although you can customize your Notion based website as you wish, and they give you a slightly advanced security, it's hard for me to say that they are a better choice. You pay more, you get more headache.

Here comes Oopy membership

I'm a founder of Oopy membership, which means the rest of this lesson might be a little biased . For more information about me, please check Join our creator community


All options above have their own weaknesses, both with security concern. Gumroad is simple, but it's not built for Notion(its own CMS is relatively poor ), so there's no way to customize your content in Notion. Memberstack + Potion/Super/whatever has ridiculous pricing with complex-of-use. I believe that there should be a better way for creators to get paid with their content in Notion. That's why I started Oopy membership.

How it works

Your content is secured through Oopy membership.
With Oopy membership, you don't have to share your course to public. You share your course with an account of Oopy, and we handle the rest. We host website from your Notion, so that you can customize whatever you want. We also set a paywall powered by Stripe so that you can make money from your content while preventing unauthorized people from getting access to your content.

How you can get access to Oopy membership

You can request a demo here, and we will contact you within a couple of days. Or you can just schedule an onboarding meeting with me.
After the meeting, you will have your demo account and your website from your Notion. No credit card is required.
Before requesting a demo, please check the rest of the course. This course is built with Notion and published with Oopy membership.